Its no wonder that medical insurance premiums rise every year when the cost of drug spending has doubled since 2013 (according to an insight report on CVSHealth 2015).  To combat that trend, some insurance companies are changing the way their plans are offering drug prescriptions.  In addition most low cost plans (like bronze level plans) offer very little drug coverage.  That can make it very difficult to get help on your prescription resulting in high out of pocket expenses.

…..Unless you use these 3 super saving ways that require NO INSURANCE!!!



is an app we refer a lot of clients.  Its great if you want to go to a local pharmacy and get the best deal possible.  Plus they have a prescription savings card that you can get!


2.  OR shopping online

Before I had health insurance (What!? Brian didn’t have health insurance?), I used to get all my prescriptions through They’re based in the U.S., so you don’t need to worry if you have any qualms about buying drugs from Canada or Mexico (I personally never did).  Plus you can get a year’s supply and save a lot, like this example of generic Lipitor:

Lipotor genericThe strategy you have to use here is asking your doctor to prescribe you a year’s supply so you can take advantage of the savings.  If you can buy in bulk, then a 30 day supply breaks down to be $8.70 in this example.


3. Buy a pill splitter

Pill splitters split your pills in half…duh.  Using the same example above, you can buy 360 tablets of 20mg for $115.20.  Then you split that and basically get 2 years worth of medication for the same price.  That breaks down your 30 day supply to be $4.80.  But you have to have a doctor that is willing to work with you because the prescription has to say “360 tables at 20mg, take half a pill daily.”



Hopefully those help!  If you have any other personal suggestions, leave them in the comments below!